Resume Tips to Landing Your Dream Job at Amazon

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Job at Amazon

Amazon is one of the most popular places to work, and for a good reason. They offer great benefits, a fun working environment, and opportunities for career growth. Your resume is your best asset if you want to land Amazon jobs. Here are some tips to ensure your resume is up to par and help you land your dream career at Amazon.

What Does Amazon Look for in a Resume?

Here are some key things Amazon recruiters are looking for in a resume:

  • Familiarity with Amazon's Culture

  • Sign of career advancement

  • A skill set that matches the job you are applying to

  • Proof that you are capable of achieving results

Let's go through each one in detail:

Familiarity with Amazon's Culture:

When applying to Amazon, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the company's culture. Jeff Bezos, Amazon's founder, and CEO, has said that the company is "willing to be misunderstood for long periods of time." This means that they are okay with being different and taking risks. 

They also have a customer-centric culture, which means they focus on the needs of their customers first and foremost. Amazon recruiters will be looking for signs that you are familiar with and align with their culture.

In order to include these in your resume, you should include any experiences you have that show you are a risk-taker and are comfortable with change. You should also highlight any customer service experience and how you went above and beyond for customers.

Signs of Career Advancement:

Amazon is a company that values career growth. They want to see that you are looking to advance their career, not just someone who wants a job. In order to show this on your resume, you should include any promotions or raises you have received at previous jobs. You can also highlight any leadership experience you have and how you have helped others grow in their careers.

A Skill Set That Matches the Job You are Applying to:

When applying to Amazon jobs, it is important to tailor your resume to the specific job you are applying for. Amazon recruiters will be looking for a skill set that is a perfect match for the job they are trying to fill. If you are applying for an amazon career in the human resources department. In that case, they will be looking for skills related to HR, such as experience managing employee records or experience conducting interviews.

In order to ensure your resume matches the job you are applying for, take a look at the job description and highlight the listed skills. Then, make sure to include these same skills on your resume.

Proof That You Are Capable to Achieve Results:

Amazon is a results-driven company. They want to see that you are someone who can get things done and achieve results. In order to show this on your resume, you should include any awards or recognition you have received for your work. You can also highlight any key projects you have worked on and your results.

Resume Tips: How to Format Your Resume

Now that you know what Amazon is looking for in a resume let's go over some tips for formatting your resume.

Use a Clean and Simple Layout

Amazon recruiters will be reviewing many resumes, so you want to make sure yours is easy to read. Use a clean and simple layout that is easy on the eyes.

Include a Cover Letter

While your resume is essential, don't forget to include a cover letter. It is your opportunity to sell yourself and tell recruiters why you are the best person for Amazon jobs.

Include Keywords

As we mentioned before, Amazon recruiters will be using keywords to help them filter through resumes. To make sure your resume is found, include the keywords from the job description in your resume. Here are some words and phrases to include:

  • P/L Management (profit and loss)

  • Process improvement

  • Data analysis

  • Analytics

  • ROI

  • Target vs. Actual

  • Strategic

  • Conversions

  • Go-to-market

  • Go-to-market strategy

Simply adding those words to your CV improves your chances of passing the ATS software.

Ask Friends/Recruiters for Feedback

Once you have a resume draft, ask friends or recruiters for feedback. They will be able to give you helpful tips on how to improve your resume. Expert recruiters at Recruitmently can help you take your resume to the next level. 

What NOT to Include on Your Resume

To guarantee yourself the greatest possibility of being invited for an interview, make sure your CV does not include any unnecessary elements: let's go over what NOT to include.

Too Much Information

Your resume must be a maximum of two pages. Amazon recruiters will not have the time to read through a five-page resume.

Outdated Information

Ensure that your resume is up to date with your current experiences and skills. There is no need to include information from ten years ago.

Personal Information

You do not need to include personal information on your resumes, such as your date of birth, marital status, or religion.

A Picture of Yourself

Unless you are applying for a role in the modeling industry, there is no need to include a picture of yourself.

Incorrect Contact Information

It is important to include your up-to-date contact information on your resume, as we mentioned before. Make sure your email address and phone number are correct.

Typos and Grammatical Errors

Make sure to proofread your resume for any typos or grammatical errors. Don't let recruiters catch any mistakes on your resume!

A Solid Wall of Text 

Your resume should not be one big block of text. Use bullet points and white space to break up the text and make it easier to read.

Inaccuracies About Your Experience or Qualifications

Do not include any information on your resume that is not 100% accurate. Amazon recruiters will verify the information on your resume, so there is no need to try to "beef up" your experience or qualifications.

Negative Comments about a Previous Employer

Never include negative comments about a previous employer on your resume. This will reflect poorly on you, and Amazon recruiters will not be impressed.

Details About Your Hobbies and Interest

Unless your interest and hobbies are related to the role you are applying for, you do not need to include them on your resume.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what to include (and what not to include) on your resume, you are one step closer to landing an Amazon career! So make sure your resume is in tip-top shape.

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