Recruitment coaches

Kurt F

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Software Engineer II - Microsoft

(46 reviews)

Software Engineer II at Microsoft Redmond, Washington, United States. Overall 12+ years of software analysis, development, and testing experience in a variety of telecom protocols and mobile apps. Well-versed in overall GSM/GPRS/UMTS/LTE architecture. Experience in test case designing, review & execution of a range of products, and mobile applications. Currently working on System Engineering, D... Read more

George N

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Project Manager - Oracle

(33 reviews)

Experienced Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in different industries. Customer Centric, Skilled in Technology Engineering, Construction, Business Culture, Solutions Engineering, Project Management, Team Leadership, Integrating solutions to ensure customer expectations and satisfaction. Skilled in building High Performing Teams with the highest expectation for Employee Saf... Read more

Naomi D

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Business Analyst - Facebook

(31 reviews)

I have 6+ years of experience in business analysis. My career has covered start-ups through to large Fortune 500 companies. I currently work for Facebook. I enjoy supporting upcoming business analysts to launch their careers, so if you need help building experience or general mentorship. I've been mentoring students/working professionals in business analysis for about three years by offerin... Read more

Jenn M

  Top 5%

UX Design - Iceberg

(44 reviews)

I started as a corporate graphic designer and then moved into the UX field in 2007, while UX was still in its infancy. I enjoy working on complex projects that need upfront discovery work. I have a proud track record of juggling multiple projects and delivering end-to-end solutions as a designer. Yet, in the last five years, I have enjoyed building an efficient, fun, and productive UX team by m... Read more

Drew G

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HR Manager - WSP Global

(21 reviews)

I hold a degree in computer science, so starting my career in human resources was a bit outside of my comfort zone and a mismatch with my skills. Overtime, however, I’ve learned the ropes of the profession through trial and error and with the help of other HR professionals around me. Eventually, I got acquainted with different HR functions and realised the importance of people in organisations. ... Read more

Brye F

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Business Analyst - JP Morgan

(35 reviews)

Responsible for managing multi-channel marketing campaigns between the Customer Marketing Group, Lending Innovation, and Card product teams. Oversee the development of campaign requirements to support the product team strategy, partner with various stakeholders to design and build the marketing program and focus on flawless marketing execution through digital and print marketing channels. Le... Read more

Emilie B

  Featured Mentor

HR - Ascent

(26 reviews)

I’m a human resources manager with over 4 years of experience. Throughout my career, I’ve worked for companies involved in advertising, engineering, tech, and e-commerce. I have carried out and managed all aspects of the HR function, including hiring, training, and evaluating staff, establishing policies and procedures, resolving grievances and conflicts, and developing budget, marketing, and ... Read more

Allan M

  Rising Mentor

Recruitment Specialist - Grab Holdings

(27 reviews)

I bring over 5+ years of experience in recruitment, pre-employment screening, talent management, and training and development. My experience spans industries, including finance, tech, and professional services. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and I’m currently completing my master’s degree in human resources management. I know job seekers are under incredible stress and pressure... Read more

Krista S

  New Mentor

HR Specialist/Coach - Bayer

(15 reviews)

I’ve been working in human resources since 2016 as an HR staff for an accounting company. Fast-forward to today, and I am now an HR leader who has provided my experience and expertise to companies such as Bayer, Vinci, and Accenture. Through the years I’ve been in the industry, I’ve developed my skills in talent acquisition and management, training development, policy development, and implem... Read more

Gerald H

  Top 10%

Recruitment Specialist - ING Group

(43 reviews)

Over the past ten years, I've supported companies in sourcing and hiring the best candidates for their open positions. I made placements across career levels, from entry-level jobs to executive positions. I also worked for startups, SMEs, and Fortune 500 companies. I appreciate building solid connections with stakeholders and prospects because I see this as a proven way to design and implement... Read more

Veronica W

  Featured Mentor

Talent Acquisition Specialist - AXA

(29 reviews)

Veronica Webb is a talent acquisition specialist with AXA, where she is part of the leadership team that spearheads the full life-cycle recruitment, hiring, and development for sales, marketing, and IT positions. Her role involves: • Developing and maintaining recruiting networks with universities, career centres and talent pipelines. • Consulting with managers over candidates’ skill set... Read more

Tiffany O

  Top 25

HR Manager - SalesForce

(36 reviews)

As a human resource management leader for more than seven years, I have experience working with and for companies in a wide range of industries. I help them find great talents and build excellent teams while implementing standard operating procedures and policies in HR and operations functions. Over the years and with my experience dealing with different professionals, I developed a personal mi... Read more