Getting involved as a mentor is a great way to impart your learning, skills, and experiences to younger, inexperienced people. It is also an effective means to boost your own professional development while making others feel valued.

Become one of our partner mentors today! Support more people in their pursuit for professional development and career advancement, all while taking charge of your availability and earning potential.

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Are You Ready to be a Mentor?

Being a mentor gives you the chance to support and mould the next generation of professionals and leaders. But, before you say 'yes' to the task, make sure you have the following qualities:

A genuine desire to help
Respect and empathy for others
Ability to listen actively
Capacity to provide guidance and identify possibilities and solutions
Flexibility and time commitment

Application and Profile Setup

If you believe you are ready to become a mentor, click on the Apply button and complete the provided form. You will find questions related to your skills and experience which will help us understand how capable you are in supporting students.

If we find that you are ready for the task, we will give you access to our platform and ask you to complete your public profile. Provide as much information about yourself to let students know why you could be the best mentor for them.

Control Your Availability

Once you become a registered mentor on our platform, we will match you with students who are undertaking a program in your discipline (e.g. accounting, HR, legal, etc.). You decide who you want to work with and you do not need to adhere to mentoring schedules. You have full control of your availability and sessions.

Also, while on the platform, you can connect, exchange messages, and send files to the students you are mentoring using our built-in messaging system. You may also set up phone or video calls via Zoom or your preferred medium of communication.

Provide Mentorship

As a mentor, you will be taking on the roles of delegator, advisor, and advocate. So when you engage in a mentoring relationship, you need to be prepared to assign tasks and projects, answer questions, identify resources, provide insights and advice, and give guidance and motivation.

Just like how you are in control of your availability, you have full control of the learnings, skills, and experience you will impart to the students you will mentor.

Be Rewarded

The rewards of mentorship are not limited to students but extend to you as well. Not only do you get the satisfaction of seeing someone else progress as a result of your guidance and support, you also boost your confidence, leadership, and communication skills in the process. You also learn to have a deeper appreciation for your own capabilities, knowing that they are valuable to others. More importantly, you develop authentic relationships while monetising your expertise.

Become a Mentor and Shape the Professionals and Leaders of Tomorrow.


Before agreeing to be one of our mentors, go over these FAQs to understand what will be in store for you.

Being a mentor offers you the opportunity to grow your career while making a difference in other people's professional development and career prospects. However, as it is a big responsibility, you want to make sure you are aware of what you will get yourself into before making a commitment. We have put together these FAQs to provide you with additional information about being a Recruitmently mentor. Can't find the answer you are looking for? Reach out to us.

A lot of people, especially new graduates and career changers, are looking to build their skills and experience to become more employable in their target professions/fields. In response to this, Recruitmently offers mentorship and project experience programs that are designed to help them gain the competencies necessary to launch their careers.

Part of our programs involve mentorship to reinforce students' learning and give them access to the insights, expertise, advice, feedback, and guidance of professionals with experience in their target professions/fields. Based on our experience, the support provided by mentors make a significant impact on the professional development and career advancement of our students.

Students undertaking our programs come from all walks of life. Many of them are recent graduates seeking to improve their career prospects and industry professionals looking for a career change.

We are aware that you have a full-time job or other commitments that are keeping you busy. That is why we put you in control of your availability which means you can schedule your mentoring sessions as and when you are available.

You can also decide how many students you would like to mentor. On average, mentors on our platform take on 2-3 students and invests about 30 minutes to an hour per student each week.

Different students have different expectations from their mentors which is why it is crucial that at the start of the program you discuss those expectations to avoid misunderstandings and disappointments. On our part, we expect you to have keep your time commitment, maintain an open communication, and tap into your experience and expertise to contribute in the professional development and career advancement of the students you will mentor.

No, it is free to join the platform. We pay you an extremely competitive rate.
We pay $50 an hour for every one-hour coaching session you provide, and it is free to join the platform.
Yes, you can do this alongside a full-time role. You choose the hours you would like to do, the majority of our recruitment coaches use their free time on the weekends and evenings to coach.

We are only interested in working with recruitment coaches who have real-life experience in recruitment. We are only interested in working with practitioners. We are not interested in coaching certifications.


You will guide candidates based on your experience.

Our platform has a built-in messaging system that candidates and recruitment coaches can use to connect. You will also use Zoom and telephone to contact candidates and provide coaching.

There is no limit on the number of interactions/chats/messages you can have with candidates per week. They can contact you whenever they need help.


However, they understand you are working full time and cannot expect instant replies as most recruitment coaches on our website work full time. The average response time is around 7 hours.


Candidates can also book coaching calls in advance with an agreed time.

Scroll up to the bottom of this page or top and click Apply and fill out a short application.
Log in to your account, and you can find a simple dashboard where you can update your information.