Recruitmently has a proud history of supporting candidates not just in their professional development but also in launching their careers.

As part of our training programs, we provide high-touch, professional employment support services that are proven to accelerate employment. So if you are struggling finding opportunities and landing a job, our expert recruitment team is here to help you change that and move you career forward.

A Dedicated Team of Experts

Today's job market may be full of challenges, but our dedicated recruitment team is here to help candidates navigate it. Each member of the team has in-depth knowledge of the job market and recruitment process, enabling them to provide career services and support that are second to none and have been proven with many of our graduates' securing roles in their preferred industries and companies.

Our team works closely with our programs' candidates at every stage of the recruitment process, from job search to interview and beyond. This ensures that they have access to the tools, resources, and support they need to take advantage of opportunities and realise their career goals.

CV Assessment and Improvement

As the first contact candidates have with prospective employers, having a good CV is key to make a good first impression and convince hiring managers to set up a job interview.

With that in mind, we help our candidates effectively promote themselves to employers by providing them with CV assessment and improvement services. Beyond the bland formality of listing their skills and experiences, we make sure to highlight their accomplishments and what they can bring to the table, boosting their chances of getting an interview invitation.

Job Search Help

With a network of over 500 partner companies around the globe, we help our candidates spot job opportunities that are a good fit for their qualifications, interest, and goals.

We search through different job boards to find appropriate roles, and even access the hidden job market to discover vacancies that are not publicly advertised. We tap into our expertise and network to help drive the productivity and results of our candidates' job search.

Interview Preparation Training

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking. Facing strangers in a position of authority, getting assessed for one's skills, experience, and personality, and getting asked tough questions can trigger anxiety. Yet, with the right preparation, a job interview can go on smoothly and bring a positive outcome.

Our team delivers interview preparation training to candidates to help them ace interviews with confidence and clarity. From providing information on what to do before a scheduled interview to answering some of the most important questions, we provide the resources and tools candidates need to succeed at interviews and receive job offers.

Other Employment Support Services

On top of the services listed above, we also deliver other key services designed to boost candidates' chances of getting hired. These include referencing from their internship host company, job information, salary and compensation information and benchmarking, and much more.

The point of our employment services is to let our candidates know that we are in this together. We treat their success as our success; that is why we deliver all the help they need through all stages of their career development.

Boost your employability with the right services and support.


Employment Support FAQ

Got questions about the employment support we offer? Before sending us a message, go over this FAQ first as it may provide the information you require.

Our recruitment team is made up of practising and former human resources and recruitment professionals who have experience working with top companies across industries and helping candidates of all job levels find new roles and drive their career advancement.

We do not provide job guarantees to any of our candidates. What we offer is the services and support they can use to increase their chances of getting interview invitations and, ultimately, securing job offers. The decision to employ a candidate is made by hiring companies and not by our team.

You can use our contact page to reach out to our recruitment team. You can also send an email whenever you need their assistance.

We do not place a limit on how many times you can contact our recruitment team for employment support. Take note, however, that as we are also assisting other candidates, we may not be able to get back to you immediately. Rest assured that as soon as one of our team members are available, we will reach out to you.

No, it is free to join the platform. We pay you an extremely competitive rate.
We pay $50 an hour for every one-hour coaching session you provide, and it is free to join the platform.
Yes, you can do this alongside a full-time role. You choose the hours you would like to do, the majority of our recruitment coaches use their free time on the weekends and evenings to coach.

We are only interested in working with recruitment coaches who have real-life experience in recruitment. We are only interested in working with practitioners. We are not interested in coaching certifications.


You will guide candidates based on your experience.

Our platform has a built-in messaging system that candidates and recruitment coaches can use to connect. You will also use Zoom and telephone to contact candidates and provide coaching.

There is no limit on the number of interactions/chats/messages you can have with candidates per week. They can contact you whenever they need help.


However, they understand you are working full time and cannot expect instant replies as most recruitment coaches on our website work full time. The average response time is around 7 hours.


Candidates can also book coaching calls in advance with an agreed time.

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