KPMG Selection: What You Need to Know

 November 29, 2021

Are you interested in working for KPMG? If so, you might be wondering what the KPMG selection process looks like. The company is an international network of professional service providers. It takes great pride in the services it offers and its recruitment process.

The KPMG selection process for any job can be difficult to navigate. But getting a career at the company means having a lot of opportunities in front of you! 

So if you are eager to learn more about the KPMG recruitment process continue reading this guide.

What Does the Selection Process at KPMG Look Like?

The KPMG selection process is more than just a set of hoops you have to jump through. It's an opportunity for candidates and the company alike to see if they're a good fit for each other!

KPMG understands that finding the right people is one of its most important objectives. That means differentiating between those right for the job and those who fit KPMG's company culture.

KPMG wants to make sure you're a good fit before they bring you on board, so there are some steps in their selection process that might feel different from other companies. 

The process comprised of 4 rounds:

1. Group discussion

2. Written test (basic technical knowledge)

3. 1 on 1 interview with the manager

4. 1 on 1 interview with the HR

Here's a brief overview of what to expect at each round:

Group Discussion

You'll be invited to a group discussion with other applicants. During the session, you and your fellow candidates will talk about various topics that might come up in an accounting firm environment (for example, client interaction or teamwork).

The group discussion gives KPMG managers a chance to evaluate applicants' communication skills and presentation style under pressure. If you can't hold up well in front of other people, that might be something the company wants to know ahead of time!

Written Test (Basic Technical Knowledge)

This written test assesses whether you have an understanding of your field. Major topics that might show up include tax, auditing, and financial management. The purpose of this step is to make sure you have the technical skills needed for a position at KPMG. If you pass this round, KPMG will move on to the next step of the selection process.

One on One Interview with Manager

After passing both of these rounds, KPMG will invite you to an interview with the department manager where your skills are most needed. You'll meet one-on-one and be able to ask questions about KPMG's culture and values.

This interview is a chance for you to ask questions about the company and find out more. You can also use this time to determine if KPMG's values align with your own! An important part of this step is deciding whether or not you'd like to work at KPMG, so be sure to bring along all of your questions.

One on One Interview with HR Rep

If you've made it this far, congratulations! You're almost at the end of your KPMG recruitment process journey. The last step is an interview with a senior representative from Human Resources (HR).

This final round gives applicants one more opportunity to determine if they'd like to work at KPMG. You'll be asked about your experience, skills, as well as what you want to accomplish at the company.

KPMG cares a lot about its candidates, so they want to ensure that both sides are comfortable before any job offers are made. Qualified candidates will receive a confirmation email within a week

KPMG employers will contact candidates on the waitlist within a month. KPMG typically hires only one person from the waitlist, so if you don't reach the next round of the process, KPMG might not have a place for you at this time.

KPMG Interview Questions

The KPMG recruitment process may include difficult interview questions, but it's worth the effort. KPMG makes sure to hire only top employees who will excel in their respective departments and also fit well into KPMG culture.

KPMG interview questions are meant to test your ability to participate, work with others, and achieve results while operating under pressure.

So here at Recruitmenty, we analyzed KPMG interview questions from recent KPMG recruitments. Our coaches will make sure to prepare you with the interview questions so that you can answer them during the KPMG selection process.

Here are some KPMG technical interview questions:

  • KPMG is expanding globally; what are your thoughts on KPMG's strategy development?

  • Differentiate DBMS and RDBMS? Explain with a suitable example.

  • How do you rate KPMG's risk management process?

  • How do you determine a person's residential status?

  • What is KPMG's quality control process like?

  • Rank the following KPMG processes in the order of priority.

  • What is a pixel?

  • KPMG can provide a reward of up to 25% on transactions done with KPMG. How would this be recorded?

  • Explain KPMG's KPMG tax services.

  • What is KPMG's KPO?

  • You are an auditor for KPMG; your client uses the accrual method to account for sales revenue. What does this mean?

  • How do you determine if a transaction has occurred?

  • What are Cash Flow Statements used for?

These are some possible interview questions asked during the KPMG interview process. You can prepare for the interview by familiarizing yourself with these questions and with the guidance and help of our coaches at Recruitmently.

KPMG Interview Tips

Strategy and preparation are the keys to success in the KPMG interview process, so follow these tips to help you prepare ahead:

  • Research: KPMG is an international company, so it's important to know what sectors they specialize in and how companies are structured across industries. Conduct your research to find out more about the corporation. Ensure you know what KPMG does, how it operates in different markets, who its clients are, and how it generates revenue.

  • Review: It's essential to review the job description before an interview to ensure that you're prepared for all of the position requirements. Study the organization's culture and values, as these will be an important part of your job if you are hired.

  • Prepare: Practice answering your interview questions out loud with our expert coaches at Recruitmently. You will be able to practice your answers as often as you need, and the guidance of experienced coaches can help you improve.

Appearing with confidence and making a good impression on the recruiter is essential for succeeding in the KPMG recruitment process.

Recruitmently coaches will prepare you for all possible questions that might be asked during your interview with KPMG. We have a high success rate with KPMG recruitment, so don't hesitate to apply! With the guidance of our coaches, you will be well-prepared for your interview.

Final Words

KPMG conducts a thorough and lengthy recruitment process, but the effort is worth it. KPMG offers attractive salaries and work-life balance that can make any employee feel valued. 

The company is home to some of the smartest professionals in the business. With its advanced infrastructure and innovative processes, you will be able to gain a wealth of knowledge that can help you expand your career opportunities even further.

Prepare now for the KPMG interview process with the help of Recruitmently! Our coaches offer career advice, interview tips, and the preparation you need to make a lasting impression at your KPMG interview. 

We can help you discover what job is right for you and prepare with our expertise during the recruitment process. Book a recruiter today and get ready for your interview with KPMG!

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