Your Guide into the EY Recruitment Process

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EY is among the Big Four professional service companies, alongside PwC, Deloitte, and KMPG. Because of its power, influence, and size, the EY hiring process is highly competitive. EY is one of the top companies in the world, so if you're interested in working here, it's essential to know how things work!

This blog post will give you an inside look into the EY recruitment process. We'll discuss everything from the EY hiring process to interview tips at this prestigious company.

How Does the EY Recruitment Process Work?

The EY recruitment process varies depending on the four main lines you will be applying to. This includes Audit & Assurance, Tax Services, Advisory, and Transactions.

EY has recently implemented a four-stage hiring process: Written-test, Group Discussion, HR interview, and Technical interview, which consist of two stages. Here's what you should expect:

Written Test

The written test is mostly made up of practical accounting questions and is completed online. Keep in mind that your score on this test is just one of the factors considered when deciding to invite you for an interview.

Group Discussion at EY

The second stage, which follows right after the written test, consists of a group discussion with other applicants, usually consisting of 15 who have also passed their written exam.

The group discussion allows EY recruiters and hiring managers to see your communication skills, teamwork abilities, and leadership qualities in action. It's a great opportunity for you as an applicant to stand out from the rest!

The group discussion is extremely important for the EY recruitment process. It will be assessed by your fellow group members and an interviewer, so if you're hoping to get through this stage successfully, make sure you've completed all necessary prep work!

HR interview

The final step before you are offered a job at EY is the HR interview. The hiring managers will use this time to check your motivation and fit with the company and assess whether or not you're truly interested in working for them! More personal questions will be posed, such as "Why choose EY?, Why pursue this field? Why are you interested in the company?"

Technical Interview Stage 1

Stage 1 of the technical interview focused more on the core accounting terms and financial statements.

Technical Interview Stage 2

The second stage will be more in-depth; it focuses on solving accounting, problems, auditing, and data interpretation. You'll be required to solve a case study or two about real-world EY projects, as well as answer some questions that will test your technical skills.

If you have passed all stages of the EY recruitment process, an EY recruiter will contact you with a job offer. If there are concerns or issues during your application procedure, this is when they will be discussed and resolved.

The entire EY hiring process usually takes about six weeks to complete on average! During these few weeks, the hiring team will be assessing your written and group skills to see how you fit with their organization!

How To Prepare For EY Interview

EY is a company that values education, business experience, and professional skills. As such, it's important to emphasize these aspects of your profile when applying for an EY job.

The EY final interview success rate is determined by how well you do on the day, depending on the vacancies.

However, the fact that you've reached this point demonstrates that you've impressed the firm, and as long as you prepare adequately for your interview, you'll have a good probability of getting an employment offer. Here at Recruitmently, we've outlined some tips and advice to help you get ready for your upcoming EY interview:

Restructure Your Working Environment

Make sure you can work in a quiet and calm environment where you won't be disturbed.

If your usual working area is noisy – perhaps there's always someone on the phone – take some time off or consider doing your preparation at home, if possible! You'll want to make sure that everything is ready for when it comes to the day of your interview.

Practice As Much As You Can!

Take time to practice a few sample questions and see if there's anything else that can help improve the chances of getting an offer from EY.  You'll be up against some other high-caliber candidates, so it's important to stand out!

Review Your CV And Cover Letter

An excellent way to show off your strengths is by using these documents as a tool. Ensure you've included all the skills and experience that EY is looking for in their future employees.

Sending a good cover letter and CV isn't the only thing you need to do – make sure they are up-to-date, too. This means making any necessary changes or updates which might be required for this specific application process. Our coaches at Recruitmently can help you with that!

Relax, They Want the Real You

In the end, EY will want to hire someone who is a good fit for their organization. This means that you should be yourself when going into the interview and not try too hard to impress them because this might lead you down the wrong path!

It's important to make sure that they get an insight into your true personality but don't overdo it. You don't want to be stuck in an interview for hours so make sure that you're able to show off your best qualities while also staying professional at all times!

Don't Forget; It's All About The Team Work!

EY values teamwork and collaboration above all else. They are looking for candidates who will be able to fit into the company and represent them well.

Make sure that you've included information about your past experiences, which have involved working with others, especially in a business setting! This is what EY wants their future employees to be like, so it's important for you to demonstrate this during the EY  hiring process.

Pay Attention: Listen Before You Speak!

Make sure that you are listening carefully to all of the questions which will be asked. You don't want to answer them wrong because your mind was wandering! Don't overcomplicate things by thinking too much about what you're going to say, though – just relax and go with the flow so you can give a good first impression at EY!

Excite Them With Your Communication Skills

You are being evaluated on how you communicate with others. You'll need to make sure that you can explain everything in a simple and straightforward way, so the person interviewing you will be able to understand all of your answers! EY would rather hire someone easy to work with than somebody who doesn't have the skills for the job.

Don't be afraid to ask questions, either! This is your chance to figure out what EY is like and whether it'd be a good fit for you in terms of both personality-wise and work-related matters.

You've done the hard work by making it to this stage of the EY recruitment process, so now's your opportunity to shine and demonstrate why you'd be a great choice for EY. Our coaches at Recruitmently are here to help you with that!

Final Thoughts

EY wants to find the best candidates out there, so if you want to work for them, then be sure to show off your strengths! You'll want to make sure that everything is ready for when it comes to the day of your interview. 

That being said, you don't have to go through the EY recruitment process alone. Our team of expert recruiters at Recruitmently can help you understand what it takes and how to best prepare for this important milestone in your career.  

So, book a recruiter today and start preparing for the EY recruitment process.

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