We currently have programs for accounting, human resources, and legal fields. We are on the process of expanding our catalogue to cater to more students interested in various fields.

Our team developed the mentorship and project experience programs we provide with the input of industry experts. That ensures that they cover relevant topics and will impart the skills and experience students need to launch their careers.

Some of the programs are technical in nature, which means they may require a background on the subject. Also, all programs are conducted in English, including communication with mentors. Therefore, we suggest students have a conversational knowledge of the English language when pursuing any of our programs.

All our mentorship and work experience programs run for 12 weeks. However, we offer them in a flexible arrangement, allowing you to complete any of them full-time or part-time, as and when you are available.

When you complete the enrolment process, we will send a confirmation to your email, along with information on how you can access your program.

You will earn a digital certificate upon completing a program. This will verify your participation in the program and highlight the skills and experience you have gained from it. You can then use the certificate as a supporting document once you start applying for jobs. Aside from receiving a digital certificate, you will also have access to our recruitment team. They will provide the assistance you need on your job search, resume, and interview preparation.

Mentorship is one of the most important features of our mentorship and project experience programs, as it is designed to reinforce students' learning. Basically, it gives you access to the insights, expertise, advice, feedback, and guidance of a professional who has experience in your target profession/field.
The mentors we work with are from a range of sectors, with many of them working for top companies like Google, Facebook, Deloitte, UBS, Citi, etc. Each one is an expert in their respective field, having gained it through years of working experience. To ensure that all mentors can provide adequate support to students undertaking our programs, we have established a vetting procedure that thoroughly evaluate their abilities. We also have a continuous assessment procedure in place to help mentors on their professional development.
Recruitmently's platform has a built-in messaging system that you can use to reach out to your mentor. Alternatively, you and your mentor can agree on communicating through phone or video call using your preferred communication medium, such as Zoom.
There is no maximum interactions between a student and mentor each week. You can send them a message anytime you need help. However, although we do not limit interactions, you should understand that your mentor may have a full-time job or other commitments that are keeping them busy. As a result, they may not be able to respond to you immediately or check-in on you several times a day. Even if that is the case, rest assured that your mentor will get back to you as soon as they are available.
Expect your mentor to be a consistent point of contact. Also, they will be there to answer your questions and provide you with insights, advice, feedback, and support to help with your professional development and career advancement.
You can find this information on the dedicated page of the mentorship and project experience program you are interested to enrol in.
You will only be able to access a program once you have made the payment.

We accept payments made through major credit and debit cards. We also process payments via PayPal. We are currently working on adding more payment gateways to accommodate the needs of more students.

We apologize for this inconvenience. Please reach out to us so we can assist you in completing the payment. Please wait a full 24 hours before you try paying again. We strongly advice that you ensure you have a strong Internet connection and up-to-date browser when paying for your chosen program.

We offer a 12-months interest-free payment plan for all our mentorship and project experience programs. We also have a sponsorship option for students who are university graduates or have Level 5 qualification or higher. For more information about our payment plans and sponsorship opportunity, please contact us.