Put the learnings and skills you have acquired from the training through a comprehensive internship. Work for a company for 3 months alongside industry experts and gain exposure to the realities and demands of your preferred field and role.

Start your internship right after you have completed the training. This is the perfect opportunity to learn and gain hands-on experience by completing projects based on real situations and data.

Internship Overview

The best way to build valuable skills and become job-ready is to learn how to do the functions a role entails, and that is what our internship is all about.

We help you realise your full potential by complementing your training with a 3-month internship. This will allow you to explore a field and role in-depth with the guidance and support of industry professionals and at the same time allow you to put your knowledge and skills into practice by working on a series of real-world projects.

Work for a Real Organisation

Recruitmently has partnered with different companies across industries, ranging from startups and SMEs to multinational organisations. With their support, we are able to organise internships for our training programs' candidates, allowing them to gain exposure to the work environment they can expect once they become employed.

Like us, our partner companies are equally committed to contribute in the professional development and career advancement of our candidates. That is why they assign one of their senior staff to work with our candidates and provide them guidance, advice and support throughout the internship.

Gain Invaluable Hands-on Experience

Learn the strategies, tools and technologies relevant to your target industry and build expertise in using them to solve different business problems by completing a series of projects. Each project is based around situations and data you will likely come across in the real world of work.

You can build a substantial body of work with the projects you will complete during the internship. Use them to develop an industry-ready portfolio that will showcase your skills and experience to prospective employers once you start applying for jobs.

Participate at Your Convenience

Flexibility is key to our internship. You can do it part-time or full-time alongside your current job, studies, or other commitments–you take control of your learning. You can even complete the internship from home, in a cafe, or anywhere in the world.

By making our internship flexible and remotely accessible, we are able to help more candidates build the skills and experience they need to move their careers forward without being hindered by limitations like geographic location, conflicting schedules, and mobility issues.

Build Your Credential and Confidence

Internship plays a crucial role in improving your job prospects and shaping your career. As the majority of today's employers prefer hiring candidates with relevant work experience, having an internship to show will not only make your resume shine but will also send out the message that you know how to do a particular job and are ready to hit the ground running.

In addition, an internship highlights your commitment to professional development–a characteristic that many employers value in candidates. That should give you the confidence to get into the job market and pursue the career path you have always wanted.

Gain invaluable hands-on experience that will make your CV stand out through our 3-month internship.


Internship FAQ

Got questions about the internships we offer? Before sending us a message, go over this FAQ first as it may provide the information you require.

Yes, you are. The internship is an important part of our programs that we offer to all our candidates. As soon as you complete the training, our team will arrange an internship for you.

There is none. The total cost of the program already includes the internship. You do not need to pay extra to avail it.

As mentioned earlier, you will be assigned to work on a variety of tasks and projects that are relevant to your target industry and role. Depending on the company that will host your internship, you may have scheduled one-on-one catch up calls with the senior staff assigned to supervise you. This is to ensure that guidelines are clearly defined and your progress is on track.

The internship runs for 3 months. During that time, you can do the assigned tasks and projects as and when you are available. On average, many of our candidates dedicate at least 2 hours a day to complete their work.

Keep in mind that an internship is designed as an exchange. That means, you agree to complete some work for the host company and in return they will provide the hands-on experience you require to improve your job prospects. As such, when you start with the internship, you are expected to complete the tasks and projects assigned to you, maintain a professional attitude and work ethics at all times, communicate and coordinate as needed, and take feedback and use it to improve your performance.

No, it is free to join the platform. We pay you an extremely competitive rate.
We pay $50 an hour for every one-hour coaching session you provide, and it is free to join the platform.
Yes, you can do this alongside a full-time role. You choose the hours you would like to do, the majority of our recruitment coaches use their free time on the weekends and evenings to coach.

We are only interested in working with recruitment coaches who have real-life experience in recruitment. We are only interested in working with practitioners. We are not interested in coaching certifications.


You will guide candidates based on your experience.

Our platform has a built-in messaging system that candidates and recruitment coaches can use to connect. You will also use Zoom and telephone to contact candidates and provide coaching.

There is no limit on the number of interactions/chats/messages you can have with candidates per week. They can contact you whenever they need help.


However, they understand you are working full time and cannot expect instant replies as most recruitment coaches on our website work full time. The average response time is around 7 hours.


Candidates can also book coaching calls in advance with an agreed time.

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