Provide personalised recruitment coaching support to enhance career prospects of many candidates who need help with resume review, resume writing, career coaching and interview preparation.

Take control of your availability, scale your coaching business, and maximise your earning potential.



Application Process

The process is straightforward. All you would need to do is scroll up or down and click on Apply. You would need to fill out a simple application form.

We need to understand how you will be able to support our candidates.

Set up your profile

As you become a registered recruitment coach, you will have a profile visible to the public. Set up your profile with information about your industry experience, the support services you can provide.

The more information you provide, the easier it is for candidates to know you and book your services.

Connect with the suitable candidates

We always qualify candidates to make sure they are suitable, and we can help them. If they are a good match and we take them on board, you will access their resume and understand what they need help with.

The platform allows you to connect and exchange messages, send files, and book sessions. You should be able to take calls and also work with candidates via Zoom sessions.


Consult with candidates as and when you are available. You get to decide the amount of time you can commit for each candidate every week.

Flexibility is critical to ensure positive outcomes out of your communications and consultations with candidates.

Enthusiasm and Professionalism

You should demonstrate a positive and professional attitude while consulting with candidates. You will help them secure their dream job by providing expert career consultation, interview preparation, helping them write a good resume and cover letters and guiding them through the employment market.

Become a recruitment coach and help candidates achieve their dream jobs.


Explore the profiles of hundreds of recruiters.
Connect with anyone of them and secure
an awesome job quickly.

Candidates can secure top roles by having direct contact with industry-experienced recruiters who
have built long standing relationships with niche hiring companies and recruiters who have
exclusive access to jobs that may not even be available elsewhere.

Recruitmently makes it quick and convenient for candidates to search, connect and work with expert recruitment coaches. Candidates join and Leverage the experience and expertise of recruitment coaches to secure top roles.

Candidates browse the profiles of different recruitment coaches and book a free consultation.

A member of our team will call them and discuss their career and what you need help with.

Once accepted, you will connect the candidates directly with the recruitment coach. The recruitment coaches will provide everything from resume review, resume writing, interview preparation, expert career consultation and everything else in-between.

Our candidates are ambitious. They can be new graduates or mid-level. They want to advance in their career. They need support from expert recruitment coaches who can help them get their dream jobs.

You choose the hours you would like to work. Most recruitment coaches on the platform work around 15 hours a month. Some do more.

No, it is free to join the platform. We pay you an extremely competitive rate.
We pay $50 an hour for every one-hour coaching session you provide, and it is free to join the platform.
Yes, you can do this alongside a full-time role. You choose the hours you would like to do, the majority of our recruitment coaches use their free time on the weekends and evenings to coach.

We are only interested in working with recruitment coaches who have real-life experience in recruitment. We are only interested in working with practitioners. We are not interested in coaching certifications.


You will guide candidates based on your experience.

Our platform has a built-in messaging system that candidates and recruitment coaches can use to connect. You will also use Zoom and telephone to contact candidates and provide coaching.

There is no limit on the number of interactions/chats/messages you can have with candidates per week. They can contact you whenever they need help.


However, they understand you are working full time and cannot expect instant replies as most recruitment coaches on our website work full time. The average response time is around 7 hours.


Candidates can also book coaching calls in advance with an agreed time.

Scroll up to the bottom of this page or top and click Apply and fill out a short application.
Log in to your account, and you can find a simple dashboard where you can update your information.