Veronica Webb  

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Talent Acquisition Specialist - AXA

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Veronica Webb is a talent acquisition specialist with AXA, where she is part of the leadership team that spearheads the full life-cycle recruitment, hiring, and development for sales, marketing, and IT positions. Her role involves:

• Developing and maintaining recruiting networks with universities, career centres and talent pipelines.
• Consulting with managers over candidates’ skill sets and selection recommendations.
• Developing weekly recruitment activities.
• Sourcing candidates through various channels.

Aside from her current job, Veronica is also a certified performance and career coach. She’s coached and supported hundreds of new graduates and professionals to unlock their unique qualities and get through their career and personal change challenges. The secret to her effective coaching lies in her ability to listen intently to what candidates have to say and provide them with a safe and confidential space to clarify their challenges and develop and implement strategies to overcome their career difficulties.

29 reviews

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