Tiffany Osborne  

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HR Manager - SalesForce

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As a human resource management leader for more than seven years, I have experience working with and for companies in a wide range of industries. I help them find great talents and build excellent teams while implementing standard operating procedures and policies in HR and operations functions.

Over the years and with my experience dealing with different professionals, I developed a personal mission to help people find their peak strengths and overcome their weaknesses to become who they want to be. To accomplish that goal, I coach candidates in discovering new possibilities in their careers, facing challenging situations in their jobs, gaining back the confidence they have lost for whatever reasons, and figuring out the direction they want to take in their careers.

I am no stranger to challenges, as I overcame many of them at the start of my career. With perseverance and a strong desire to advance, I managed to get to where I am now. I hope I can help you do the same in your career through my coaching.

36 reviews

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