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I’ve been in the recruitment industry for almost a decade, making me proficient in candidate selection, interviewing, CV shortlisting, and sourcing and headhunting candidates using a variety of online and offline methods. I’ve worked as a talent acquisition recruiter for Krispy Kreme UK and IRE, where I focus on sourcing and filling complex positions and senior roles to help strengthen their workforce.

Aside from being a recruitment professional, I also worked on such capacities as employability teacher, resourcer and traineeship account manager, and department administrator. All these experiences have made me grow as a professional and allowed me to gain in-depth insight into different aspects of business operations and the value of finding the right people for specific jobs.

I know how challenging it is to navigate the job search process, change careers, or get out of a work rut. With that understanding, I can offer the support, guidance and advice you need to increase your chances of career success. Feel free to get in touch with me!

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