Drew Griffin  

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HR Manager - WSP Global

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I hold a degree in computer science, so starting my career in human resources was a bit outside of my comfort zone and a mismatch with my skills. Overtime, however, I’ve learned the ropes of the profession through trial and error and with the help of other HR professionals around me. Eventually, I got acquainted with different HR functions and realised the importance of people in organisations. From there, I have developed my proficiencies in talent acquisition, employee training and development, policies and procedures development and implementation, system/process mapping and improvement, compliance, and change management, just to name a few. I’m also well-versed in HRIS software and ATS.

I love helping others and contributing to their success, and I see mentoring as a great way for me to continue with that passion. If you are new to human resources or wanting to grow your career in this field, I can be of help. I’ll assist you in developing the mindset, confidence, skills, and experience to get you on the HR career path and succeed at it.

21 reviews

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