Allan Moreau  

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Recruitment Specialist - Grab Holdings

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I bring over 5+ years of experience in recruitment, pre-employment screening, talent management, and training and development. My experience spans industries, including finance, tech, and professional services. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and I’m currently completing my master’s degree in human resources management.

I know job seekers are under incredible stress and pressure to find the right roles for their qualifications. Likewise, working professionals are dealing with many complex projects and situations in their jobs that lead to feelings of negativity and dissatisfaction. If you are any of these, know that you have control over your professional life, and I can coach you on how to do that.

As your employment coach, I will collaborate with you to give you a coaching program customised to your needs. That might involve an action plan for your job search or in-depth guidance to improve your performance at work. Rest assured that I’ll do my best to help you successfully get through the challenges affecting your prospects and career.

27 reviews

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