Recruitment mentors

Darell R

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HR Professional - HSBC

(6 reviews)

I’m a human resources professional with more than a decade of experience managing multiple priority staffing projects across industries. Throughout my career, I worked with leadership, spearheaded recruitment efforts, developed and implemented HR policies and programs to support business objectives and goals, and administered workers’ benefits, compensation, and disability programs. I also hav... Read more

Faye D

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HR Specialist/Coach - Accenture

(1 reviews)

I started my HR career in administrative roles within the healthcare and retail industries. Later on, I worked as a headhunter specialising in filling leadership positions in tech, engineering, and finance. Today, I am a human resources leader and coach, helping candidates in landing their ideal roles and excelling at them and working in partnership with teams and organisations to support their gr... Read more

Ed W

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Senior Technical Recruiter - Microsoft

(6 reviews)

Hi! I’m Ed Walton, senior technical recruiter for Microsoft. I have more than five years of experience recruiting top talents in the tech sector. My expertise lies in talent acquisition, team building, policy and process development and execution, stakeholder management, relationship management, and project management. Aside from my present role, I’m also an active volunteer and a postgraduate... Read more

Alana M

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Recruitment Specialist - Amazon

(13 reviews)

Alana Mercier is a recruitment specialist with seven years of experience providing talent solutions for several privately-held and Fortune 500 companies. She’s proficient in sourcing candidates across various networking platforms and has successfully placed a number of highly-skilled and technical candidates in different roles. Alana’s strength is working with people and helping them feel ... Read more

Agnes M

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Talent Acquisition Specialist - Meta (formerly Facebook)

(6 reviews)

I’m a talent acquisition specialist for Meta (formerly Facebook) and have also sourced talents and built teams for top tech companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. I’ve been in the industry for more than eight years, so you could say that I have the expertise in bringing the right people to the right roles. As a practitioner, I thrive on helping others reach their desired career path... Read more

Samara D

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HR Manager - SalesForce

(1 reviews)

I’m a human resources manager with over 6 years of experience. Throughout my career, I’ve worked for companies involved in advertising, engineering, tech, and e-commerce. I have carried out and managed all aspects of the HR function, including hiring, training, and evaluating staff, establishing policies and procedures, resolving grievances and conflicts, and developing the budget, marketing, ... Read more

Warren H

  Rising Mentor

Corporate Lawyer - Fenwick & West

(6 reviews)

I’m a corporate lawyer and tech entrepreneur who helps early-stage startups and businesses scale and understand their legal responsibilities. My job also involves managing financial contracts, preparing commercial claims, managing public relations, and providing legal advice and assistance in drafting legal documents and procedures. Having played the roles of both founder and legal consultan... Read more

Jazmin A

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Corporate Lawyer - Barclays

(6 reviews)

I’m a corporate lawyer, providing legal counsel on a range of issues, including property taxation, franchise disputes, regulatory compliance, employment practices, and privacy rights. I’ve been involved in projects like anti-competitive practices disputes, consumer fraud disputes, customer lists acquisition, and the legal foundation of transactions. Outside of work, I enjoy hanging out with my... Read more

Phil C

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Chartered Accountant - Deutsche Bank

(13 reviews)

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my profile. I’m a chartered accountant in training with six years of experience in the workforce, working with a mixture of startups and small to medium-sized limited company clients. I handle quarterly management accounts, produce annual accounts, perform report analysis and ratio maintenance, audit financial statements, and offer guidance and advice on tax liabiliti... Read more

Lester P

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Senior Accountant - Ernst & Young

(14 reviews)

I’m Lester, a young accounting professional who places a big emphasis on displaying excellent character along with a persistent desire to improve a little bit every day. I graduated with an accounting degree and started my career as an accounting assistant for a local marketing company. Two years into the position and that’s when I pursued taking accounting qualifications (AAT and ACCA). Today... Read more

Jamie C

  Top 10%

Software Engineer - Accenture

(18 reviews)

I’m a software engineer at Accenture and my professional experience is focused on backend and full stack development. I know how challenging it is to break into the tech industry since I was once a newbie myself. When I began my career as an intern, I had a lot of questions about the industry and profession and had a hard time figuring out how to do specific tasks. I was also bad at planning or ... Read more

Desiree A

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UI/UX Designer - Uber

(5 reviews)

UI/UX designer with more than six years of experience in marketplace companies in industries such as travel, software, e-commerce, and healthcare. I have expertise in Figma, Adobe XD, and Axure, having developed and led design projects on various verticals and screens. For the past three years I’m working on complex data UI, design system development, and management, transactional interfaces, an... Read more