Recruitment mentors

Allan M

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Recruitment Specialist - Grab Holdings

(14 reviews)

I bring over 5+ years of experience in recruitment, pre-employment screening, talent management, and training and development. My experience spans industries, including finance, tech, and professional services. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and I’m currently completing my master’s degree in human resources management. I know job seekers are under incredible stress and pressure... Read more

Krista S

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HR Specialist/Coach - Bayer

(7 reviews)

I’ve been working in human resources since 2016 as an HR staff for an accounting company. Fast-forward to today, and I am now an HR leader who has provided my experience and expertise to companies such as Bayer, Vinci, and Accenture. Through the years I’ve been in the industry, I’ve developed my skills in talent acquisition and management, training development, policy development, and implem... Read more

Gerald H

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Recruitment Specialist - ING Group

(16 reviews)

Over the past ten years, I've supported companies in sourcing and hiring the best candidates for their open positions. I made placements across career levels, from entry-level jobs to executive positions. I also worked for startups, SMEs, and Fortune 500 companies. I appreciate building solid connections with stakeholders and prospects because I see this as a proven way to design and implement... Read more

Talent Acquisition Specialist - AXA

(17 reviews)

Veronica Webb is a talent acquisition specialist with AXA, where she is part of the leadership team that spearheads the full life-cycle recruitment, hiring, and development for sales, marketing, and IT positions. Her role involves: • Developing and maintaining recruiting networks with universities, career centres and talent pipelines. • Consulting with managers over candidates’ skill set... Read more

Tiffany O

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HR Manager - SalesForce

(9 reviews)

As a human resource management leader for more than seven years, I have experience working with and for companies in a wide range of industries. I help them find great talents and build excellent teams while implementing standard operating procedures and policies in HR and operations functions. Over the years and with my experience dealing with different professionals, I developed a personal mi... Read more

Alex C

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Recruiting Manager - Google

(3 reviews)

For more than eight years, I’ve been involved in sourcing and hiring top talents for some of the world’s known tech companies, including Google, Intuit, and SalesForce. I’ve also been involved in developing and executing talent acquisition strategies and professional development initiatives of the companies I worked with. I know what it’s like to face obstacles when trying to land your... Read more

Victor B

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Senior Recruiter - Apple

(9 reviews)

I’m a seasoned senior recruiter with extensive experience in placing top talents, team development, stakeholder management, project management, and developing and executing initiatives for professional development and employment equity and safety. I have an industrial engineering degree but somehow made my way into recruitment, which is something I genuinely enjoy and I am passionate about. ... Read more

Alfred L

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Senior Talent Manager - Amazon

(2 reviews)

Hey there! I’m Alfred Lawson, a senior talent management leader who has worked for companies like Amazon, Credit Suisse, and Accenture. In my more than nine years of industry experience, I’ve held senior positions in human resources and management consulting. I’ve also helped thousands of job seekers find suitable placements, enhance the performance of currently employed professionals, and h... Read more

Thelma J

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HR Professional - IBM

(10 reviews)

I have over five years of experience navigating the corporate world, working as a human resource professional for companies like IBM, Oracle, and Morgan Stanley. Besides having a master’s degree in leadership and human resource management, I’m a professionally trained and board-certified career coach. Which of the following situations apply to you? • You seek a more fulfilling career ... Read more

Jill R

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Recruitment Specialist - EY

(14 reviews)

I am a recruitment specialist for EY and I used to deliver my recruitment expertise to Accenture and Baker Tilly. I also do independent recruitment consultations for SMEs, helping them fill their vacancies with the right talents for their needs. Aside from my master’s degree in HR management, my practice is supported by my Six Sigma Belt and Professional Certified Coach certification. I did e... Read more

Olivia L

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HR Consultant/Coach - Deloitte

(11 reviews)

I’m an experienced human resources consultant and coach who has spent the past 7+ years helping international organisations power up their workforce through hiring high-caliber candidates, driving the performance of their teams, and developing the abilities of their leaders. As a results-oriented professional, I’m passionate about helping candidates across career levels realise their career go... Read more

Johan S

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HR Specialist - Walmart Global Tech

(10 reviews)

Seasoned HR professional with 10+ cumulative years working in the professional services, retail, and IT environments. Highly competent in providing strategic HR services, including competency-based recruitment, employee and leadership development, corporate training, retirement planning, and career development coaching. I’ve seen and experienced first-hand the challenges that candidates face... Read more