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Cecille N

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QA Engineer - Accenture

(13 reviews)

I am a Quality Assurance Engineer/Software QA Tester in Accenture. I have experience in testing Mobile applications and Web-based applications in Agile and Waterfall methodologies. I also have a strong testing Quality Assurance experience within an Agile environment. Top Skills: 1): Quality Assurance 2): Testing 3): Functional Testing Currently working at ZeroIn Software Corp. from Augu... Read more

Rey N

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Cloud Security Product Manager - Cisco

(6 reviews)

I work as a cloud security product manager for Cisco, and prior to this role, I was security engineer for Dell. I have well over eight years of deep technical experience in information technology, system design, data privacy, IT governance, and regulatory compliance. Aside from my master’s degree in cybersecurity risk management, my practice is supported by my CISA and CISM certifications. Y... Read more

Emilia B

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Cybersecurity Consultant - DELL

(14 reviews)

I’m a cybersecurity consultant with 7+ years of experience working with companies across Europe and Asia. I started my career as an intern and developer at SAP after acquiring my computer science degree. I then transitioned into cybersecurity as an independent consultant after completing my master’s degree in network security. I'm here to listen to you and give you advice on how to get th... Read more

Fayiz G

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Junior Data Analyst - Accenture

(20 reviews)

Recently completed fundamental IT/ Data Boot camp at Year Up and graduated from Northwest University with 4+ years experience working directly with mid-size companies, and large datasets to build numerous and diverse Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Models. Specific expertise includes creating reports, Excel, SQL, Sales, and other models to perform natural language processing and da... Read more

Daniel B

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Software QA Engineer - SAP

(14 reviews)

Technically minded Software QA Engineer with over five years of experience in manual and automated testing including iOS, Android, and Web applications testing. Adept at designing test plans, scenarios, scripts, and procedures, which address multiple areas including API, database impacts, software scenarios, regression testing, functional testing, negative testing, error/bug retests, and usability... Read more

Vilma S

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Project Manager - IBM

(8 reviews)

My name is Vilma Singh, and I am a Certified project manager. I have four years of experience in projects. After completing a project management qualification online, I decided to transition into a project management role. I managed to land a project management role with Vodaphone, where I worked my way up to a senior position. I have decided to become a Mentor to others and help anyone int... Read more

Patricia O

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Senior Accountant - PwC

(3 reviews)

Senior accountant at PwC, focused on helping client companies in maximising their cash flow and long-term growth through effective accounting systems and solutions. I mainly handle financial audits and tax preparation, but I also help clients in understanding how to effectively manage their revenues, expenses and tax for better business operation and success. I would love to listen, help you im... Read more

Peter B

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Accountant - UBS

(7 reviews)

I’m a CPA with over five years of accounting experience and three years in finance. I worked for UBS and Citi in the past and I now provide virtual accounting services for start-ups and SMEs. My services include consulting and running complete accounting back-office solutions. I understand how challenging it is to get your feet on the door in the accounting field. I was in your position befor... Read more

Pamela A

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Product Leader - Amazon

(4 reviews)

I’m a product leader at Amazon where I lead teams in understanding customer requirements and transforming those requirements into products that address their pain points. Some areas I specialise in include product planning and road mapping, product strategy and portfolios, modelling and design, requirements engineering, solution design, and quality assurance and testing oversight. I hold certifi... Read more

Irvin S

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Software Tester - Google

(17 reviews)

Hey there! I'm a software engineer with 10+ years of experience in the field. I hold a Master's Degree in computer science and I've worked for the likes of Yelp, Nvidia, and Google, and other tech companies. I consider myself a team player who can inspire and influence others to ensure value addition. I'm also a good communicator capable of working with technical teams and translating business nee... Read more

Stella R

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Senior Data Analyst - Amazon

(11 reviews)

Hi! Thank you for visiting my profile. I am currently a senior data analyst at Amazon. I enjoy helping candidates looking to break into a data analysis role. I have experience working at big tech companies & start-ups across several industries. I have interviewed over 120 candidates in my career and know what employers look for when building strong data science teams. I have mentored other... Read more

Randell M

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Human Resource Manager - Airbnb

(3 reviews)

9+ years of experience in human resources across industries, from fintech and eCommerce to marketing and consulting. I'm well-versed in recruitment, training and development, organisational leadership, and client relations. I am currently involved with Airbnb and with prior experience sourcing and hiring talents and scaling teams for Microsoft and Deloitte. Throughout my career, I have mentored... Read more