Shruti Jain  

Talent Acquisition Specialist - Google via RGF Talent Solutions

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I’m a talent acquisition specialist with demonstrated experience in leading and managing recruitment projects and developing strategies for talent mapping and sourcing within industries like IT, Telco, Education, Media, FMCG and BPO. Presently recruiting the best engineering leaders for Google via RGF Talent Solutions to support it in building a high-impact team for the development and delivery of its pioneering infrastructure and innovative solutions.

I previously took on recruiting and HR management roles for companies like DHL IT Services, Drill B.S., Hansa Events, and Media Network of India. I also had experience working with clients like SAP, Oracle, Sony, Mobilcom, IBM, and Star Network.

I would love to share many of the learnings and experiences I have acquired from my extensive career. Having built teams in many top companies and helped numerous candidates secure technical and non-technical roles, I am confident that I can help you grow as well and take your career to a new level.

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