Preet Bhatia  

Sr. Technical Talent Acquisition Partner - Walmart Global Tech

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I’m a technical recruiter professional with over 21+ years of industry experience working with various organizations within the tech industry. I’m presently working as a senior technical talent acquisition partner, hiring technical product and program management professionals for Walmart Global Tech. My role entails working with the organization’s tech leaders and hiring managers in building and growing its technical product and program management teams through the facilitation of quality staff recruitment initiatives. Prior to this, I was with GE Digital in the same role. I also provided my expertise to other top tech organizations in the past, including Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon.

In case you need hands on support as you navigate the job search process, want outside perspective to help grow your skillsets, or are thinking about the next critical move in your career, I can help. I’m truly excited to meet and share my experiences and expertise with you.

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